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Welcome to Isfahan Plus.

Founded in April 2015 and headquartered in Isfahan, Iran, this website aims to be the preferred hub for gathering and organizing ideas, forming collaborative teams, getting funded, and eventually creating a profitable startups.

We at Isfahan Plus started with a very small group of socially responsible innovators who felt they had to give back to the entrepreneurship community in Isfahan. As a non-profit, Isfahan Plus quickly gathered a large following and is now an active part of the entrepreneur ecosystem of Isfahan and Iran.

Our focus group is primarily Iranian youth aged anywhere from 18-30. All skill levels are welcome. Because our core audience is situated in Iran, our website primarily consists of material written and presented in Farsi.

Isfahan Plus is a social entrepreneurship project started in Isfahan, Iran. The very first of its kind in all of Iran, this website aims to create an online portal wherein all facets of the entrepreneurship ecosystem including founders, financiers and other interested associations and individuals come together to share their ideas and interact with one another. Eventually, we hope Isfahan Plus serves as a model for alternative social entrepreneurship ecosystems within other Iranian cities.

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